Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cover reveal: Infiltrator (Contributor trilogy, book 2)

First, I owe some of you an apology. Several amazing people have read and reviewed Contributor and reached out to me to tell me how much they liked it. You've been waiting anxiously for the second book, and I took my sweet time getting it out. Truth is, I was scared to write it, but I made myself conquer that fear, and I'm excited about this book. I hope you will be too. I'm also making you this solemn promise: you will not have to wait nearly as long for book three. The first book I publish in 2014 will be a new adult romance, and after that I will publish the last Contributor book, so plan on a release in the first half of 2014.

Without further ado, here is the cover and description for Infiltrator. (Warning: If you haven't read Contributor, the description of Infiltrator is a little spoilery. Sorry, but it was unavoidable!)

Infiltrator will be available for Kindle on December 20, 2013.

YA post-apocalyptic/dystopian

Surviving her apprenticeship was just the first step. Now that Dara has joined the Free Thinkers, her life is about to become much more dangerous.

Frustrated by her seemingly pointless efforts to prove her worth to the Free Thinkers, she wonders if she made the right choice. Yet she can’t go back to her old life, can’t forgive Magnum for what it did to her mother. Then she discovers a crucial piece of intelligence: Andersen has been hard at work on a clandestine project that’s caught the attention of the Creators.

At last Dara is made a Free Thinker operative, trained and taught the truth about the Great Famine and its aftermath, but she must conceal her knowledge at all cost. Andersen must believe she’s no more than the sacrificial lamb he thinks she is.

But as the Creators’ interest in the project deepens, Dara is placed under surveillance and cut off from her Free Thinker lifeline. When she makes one last, desperate attempt at exposing his secret project, the repercussions are enormous.

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 YA post-apocalyptic/dystopian

When the Great Famine threatened the existence of mankind, the Creators saved humanity. Humanity has been their loyal subject ever since.

This history has been ingrained in seventeen-year-old Dara Morrow since her first day of Creator-sponsored school. Grateful for the life-giving necessities her Creator provides, Dara is thrilled to be one of three students chosen for an elite, year-long apprenticeship program. Now is her chance to prove herself a devoted Contributor.

But Dara’s competition is ruthless and will stop at nothing to win the competition. Worse yet, her exacting master has little patience for her.

Then Dara’s mother is seriously injured, and Dara realizes the price of being a Contributor: once you’ve outlived your usefulness, you’re discarded. Can Dara learn to manipulate the system to save not only herself, but everyone she loves?

Read it already? What do you think of the new cover and revamped blurb?