Monday, April 30, 2012

I did it!

I'm very pleased to announce that I did it: The Eye of the Beholder is now available in the Kindle store.  The book is also available through the Kindle Owner's Lending Library, for those of you who are Prime members.

Here is the book's description:

 I am a prisoner.

Born to power, the world was my playground. My every wish was a kingdom’s command, my displeasure every man’s worst fear. But then, at the whim of a merciless enchantress, all was stolen from me. My once lavish castle became my dungeon. My once-handsome form became that of a beast. There is no hope of release from the prison of my own body, for the only way to break this curse is to earn the love of another. I, who have never felt a drop of compassion, must hope to inspire devotion. I, who am hideous beyond compare, must hope to inspire passion. After hundreds of years, I have come to accept the truth: I will never know love. There is no escape for me.

I am a prisoner.

Born to two loving parents and a happy home, I was grateful for my good fortune. Though I was plain and prone to living in my head, forced to live in the shadow of my beautiful sisters, I had everything my heart desired. Then tragedy struck, and I lost my mother and my home. Papa was all I had left in the world, and I was utterly devoted to him. When his thoughtful gesture earned him the wrath of a horrible monster, I sacrificed myself for the sake of the one person I love. Now I am a prisoner in a decaying castle with only a terrifying beast for companionship. But I am determined not to give in to the beast’s wrath, to prove to him that he can never truly ensnare me.


I published The Eye under the pen name Elizabeth Darcy.  This is for the sake of clarity, as I want to dabble in several different genres, which might not have been possible had I gone the traditional publishing route.  I'm really excited to think that I can publish what I want when I want to!  Elizabeth Darcy is the pen name I'll use for any novels that have a fairytale theme to them.

This has been something of an exhaustive process with a pretty steep learning curve.  I could not have done it without the help of several people, including but not limited to: my writing group, Emily Fleming (look for her books soon--there will be vampire goodness aplenty!), and my family.  A special thanks to my wonderful husband, Jürgen, who not only took the picture on the book's cover, but also put in a lot of time on Photoshop trying to help his very picky wife get it to look just so.

Coming down the pike are an as-yet-unnamed women's lit novel and the young adult dystopian novel Contributor, which I hope to publish in either late June or early July.