Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final cover reveal

Now, I never pretended to be an artist, but I thought I'd give the cover a go...and quickly realized I have no ability whatsoever in this arena.  I'm completely okay with that as I've never had any illusions about being an artist!

Enter some truly amazing pre-made book cover sites!  There are varying degrees of quality out there, and many just didn't fit with the theme of my book.  But then I stumbled upon the perfect cover, and it was instant love.

Just looking at it makes me feel giddy!

I ordered it from the fantastic Razzle Dazzle Stock site.  For $30-$50 you can get a pre-made cover, including changing the text to reflect your book's title and your author name.  There's a great selection and the service was fantastic, so I would highly recommend it.  I'm currently working on a chick-lit/women's fiction manuscript, and I plan on checking Razzle Dazzle out for covers for it.  They also do custom designs, but you'd have to contact them for pricing.

So what lesson have I learned in my self-publishing journal?  Don't try making your own cover unless you're also a graphic artist.  Trust me, that little pearl of wisdom will save you hours of frustration!