Friday, September 21, 2012

Announcement: Unpublish date for B&N and Kobo

This is just a quick announcement to let readers know that, on September 26, I will be unpublishing The Eye of the Beholder on Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  If you'd like to know why I've chosen to do this, you can find a post here that explains my reasons.  I wanted to give fair warning to anyone who might want to purchase a copy via these outlets.  I also want to emphasize that my book will remain on sale at Amazon, and that, like all of my current and future books, it does not contain DRM.  I will be enrolling once more in the Kindle Select program, so the book should be available for borrowing as of October 1.

I'll write another quick announcement once I've unpublished, just to confirm to everyone.  As always, I welcome feedback from my readers.  You're the ones who make all of this possible, and your feedback really and truly matters to me.