Monday, April 1, 2013

Cover Reveal: New Design for Contributor

After a lot of consideration, I decided to give Contributor a new cover. I absolutely love the first cover, but I'm afraid it doesn't clearly brand the book as YA sci-fi, which was the reason behind my decision to change it. I worked with a very talented artist on the original cover, and think it would work well as an adult cover, but I'm not sure it connects with a YA-reading audience.

Original cover:

And the new cover:

To kick off the new cover, I've decided to make Contributor .99 cents through Friday, April 6. Fans of post-apocalyptic and/or dystopian YA fiction, here's your chance to grab a sale copy for Kindle, Nook, or Kobo!

One of only three students chosen for an elite, year-long apprenticeship, seventeen-year-old Dara Morrow is eager to excel in the high-stakes competition and prove herself a devoted Contributor to her Job Creator. Success means a prosperous future. Failure means losing her standing in society.

But Dara’s competition is ruthless, and her exacting master has little patience for her. When her mother is injured and Dara’s eyes are opened to the injustices of the system she trusted to care for her family, her prospects become even more uncertain. If she can’t learn to manipulate the system, she risks exile not only for herself, but for all those she loves.

Contributor is the first book in the YA Contributor trilogy.

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