Friday, June 8, 2012

My first review and I am giddy!

I just couldn't resist posting because, right now, I'm about to do a little happy dance.  First, I yelled, "Yay!" and clapped my hands.  Then I kissed my beaming husband.  And now I have a grin that I just can't wipe off my face, and it's all because I got my first review, which happens to be 5 stars!  To be honest, right now I want to crack open some champagne and then run a few laps around my office.  Few things are more thrilling than having put my book out there and finding out that someone not only read it, they really liked it!

This moment is sweeter to me than I can express.  The Eye of the Beholder was a labor of love over seven years in the making for me.  When I finished writing it years ago, I was very happy with it but, since then, had come to think there were some flaws that needed fixing.  This meant spending months tearing some chapters apart and completely rewriting them before I felt that the book had become what I had always wanted it to be.  That five star review is priceless to me!

So pardon me.  I'll need to go back and read my review a few thousand more times!