Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've published a new book!

I'm really excited to announce the publication of my new book, Creators!  It's a prequel novella to my forthcoming Contributor trilogy.  It's a YA post-apocalyptic novel--very different from The Eye of the Beholder.  It's been really fun for me to tackle a new genre.

Without further ado, I give you Creators:

When the imminent collapse of the world’s food system threatens to all but eradicate the human race, it’s up to nineteen-year-old Liang Zhang to determine which of his company’s employees will live and which will die.

Liang and the other Job Creators have only weeks to choose which of their staff and families to move into the domes, the last refuges on the barren planet. Despite their best efforts, the Job Creators are unable to keep their selection project under wraps, spurring violent protests against the privileged few.

Now, Liang must race: against starvation, against insurrection, and against his own conscience. 

You can purchase the novel or download a sample on Amazon.