Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cover Reveal: Phoning It In

Way back in the late 90s, I took my first step into the work world: I accepted a job at a call center.  It was one of the most awful jobs I've ever had.  Fresh out of college and disillusioned with the necessity of paying my bills by doing a job that made me miserable, I started writing a novel inspired by my own experiences.

Life happened, and the manuscript sat partially finished on hard drive after hard drive until I rediscovered it earlier this year.  At first, I didn't think I could do much with it. The technology in the manuscript was so out of date it made me laugh out loud and the book was painfully overwritten.  But the more I read, the more I realized how much I loved the characters, especially Melinda. I had to save them from languishing on my hard drive, so I finished the novel and then started editing with extreme prejudice.

My novels are always near to my heart, but Phoning It In is special because I can identify so closely with the main character.  Melinda is not me, but she feels a lot of the same things I've felt--a lot of the same things many of us feel when life turns out to be not quite what we expected.  If you've ever been a twentysomething trying to figure out how to navigate your way through life--or if you're in that position now--I hope you'll enjoy Phoning It In.

Phoning It In (a romantic dramedy)

Melinda can summarize her life in a few words: dead-end job, nonexistent love life, and a contentious relationship with her older sister—not exactly the rosy picture she had of life at 25.

When Benoit walks into her life, she falls hard.  Gorgeous, funny, and smart, he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man and more, but she can’t fathom that he could possibly want a plus-sized girl like her. 

Tired of going through the motions, Melinda tries to find the courage to pursue her dream career, but working for a publishing company would mean moving away from everyone and everything she knows and loves.  Is she content to remain in her comfortable rut, or is it time to strike out on her own and seize her chance at getting what she’s always wanted?

To be published:  December 22, 2012