Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Sci-Fi?: Introducing C.E. Kilgore and Mark Whiteway

Welcome to day four of Sci-Fi Spotlight week!  I've teamed up with a great group of indie authors of science fiction, and we're running a promo from now until November 30.  You can snag 15 books for free and another 15 books for a mere 99 cents.

And now for today's authors:

Why Sci-Fi for C.E. Kilgore?

"I have always loved science-fiction, but I’m a true romantic at heart. The Science-Fiction Romance genre is still considered a fringe genre by many, but lately there has been new life breathed into it from many great writers. My hope is to contribute a well-written, fun and romantic take on science fiction through my Corwint Central Agent Files series. The first book in the series is Ghost in the Machine, and it explores one of my favorite science fiction themes: the development of emotions in artificial intelligence."

You can get a copy of Ghost in the Machine for free!

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Why Sci-Fi for Mark Whiteway?

"Writing Sci-Fi was a long held ambition of mine. As a kid, I read everything - Wells, Verne, Heinlein...At twelve years old, I wrote a novella with a pretty surreal ending. I still have it, hand-written in a huge ledger.

Following that, life intervened, and it was only in '09 that I determined to get back to writing. I had a lot of ideas running around in my head, but the Lodestone concept seemed the strongest. I soon realized there was no way to tell the story in a single book, and so the Lodestone Series was born."

You can get a copy of The Sea of Storms for free!

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